Marijn Rademaker will be back on stage on June 10th at the International Young Patrons Circle Gala

Marijn will be back after his more then 1,5 years absence from the stage because of an injury. He wil be featured in the International Young Patrons Circle Gala. He will dance together with fellow principal dancer Igone de Jongh.

Two pieces for HET (Hans van Manen)

The Gala is an exclusive opera and ballet performance filled with surprises. After the performance, the festive high spirits continue in the foyer. In short an unforgettable Gala with an equally unforgettable afterparty. Dress code is black tie!

The evening has another unique feature. It is the first time in our theatre’s history that a gala stage is being shared by the opera and ballet companies. The programme will showcase the similarities between opera and ballet, and will be performed by international stars of Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Floris Visser (33) is the director for the whole evening.

You can purchase tickets here.

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