Marijn Rademaker will be back on stage on June 10th at the International Young Patrons Circle Gala

Marijn will be back after his more then 1,5 years absence from the stage because of an injury. He wil be featured in the International Young Patrons Circle Gala. He will dance together with fellow principal dancer Igone de Jongh.

Two pieces for HET (Hans van Manen)

The Gala is an exclusive opera and ballet performance filled with surprises. After the performance, the festive high spirits continue in the foyer. In short an unforgettable Gala with an equally unforgettable afterparty. Dress code is black tie!

The evening has another unique feature. It is the first time in our theatre’s history that a gala stage is being shared by the opera and ballet companies. The programme will showcase the similarities between opera and ballet, and will be performed by international stars of Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Floris Visser (33) is the director for the whole evening.

You can purchase tickets here.

Injury, recovery and what to think about it….

Äffi experience in Hamburg

My first time setting Äffi. A piece that means a lot to me. Made by Marco on me in 2005. I asked him if he would make something for me because I had a benefit gala in Arnhem, the city I went to school at. He said yes and it was the first time we worked together again after his first Noverre piece ‘Chicks’ in Stuttgart.

IMG_3619Setting this in Hamburg is special to me. I have immense respect for this company and these dancers. The heritage they have, the way they work and dance. John of course. He brought that with him from Stuttgart and developed it. His troupe radiates a great power on and off stage. Of course I also learned a great deal in Stuttgart and now in Amsterdam and its a great feeling giving this on to young dancers. I am working with 4 dancers from the Bundesjungendballett, amazingly guided by Kevin Haigen and Yohan Stegli and 2 guys from the Hamburg Ballet School. All very talented but very different. For me very interesting. I had no idea how it would be to set this piece I know everything about. For instance, I never thought about the music. I had to make a frame and write it down to teach them. Most of it I set on text. The steps are very very detailed. They are so in my body that I sometimes have difficulty showing them slow. But its good for me, next time I will perform Äffi more precise:) The boys are incredibly fast. On the 5th day, we did a run through all together. So all the steps were tought. Chapeaux to them. Its a complex 11 minute piece. Long for a solo. Of course not perfect, but with lots of potential. On the saturday after I started cleaning. First of all the steps, the structure, but for me most interesting is, the karakter of the step, of the piece or the different sections in the piece. What it means to me, what they think of it and of course I try to tell them what Marco thought or said. Its a piece with many feelings. One will find them in the music, but also in the ‘story’ of the piece. Vulgarity, aggression, love, childhood, longing, decision and others.

How do you get major aggression or regret, sorrow and pain out of a 19 year old school boy? I don’t know yet… By showing them, talking to them, stimulating them with sounds, movement and words. One boy is very very talented, but still very young. He has problems keeping his face under control when he gets stressed about the steps (cause there are many) or when he gets tired. Then I connected a feeling or atmosphere to the steps and his face changed instantly. It was involved, as was the rest of his body. When the emotion is there, truly there, the step becomes right. Some dancers do this instinctively. Some you have to help to get this out of them. I am seeing now that I love to do that.

A person that is very important to me in this sense is Georgette Tsinguirides. Choreologist with the Stuttgart Ballet and a Stuttgart Ballet wonder herself. She is connected to the Stuttgart Ballet even before it became Stuttgart Ballet, before Cranko was even there. She worked with me on many different roles that were close to me, like Lenski and Romeo, but also roles that stood far away from me. Like Onegin and Pertruccio in Taming of the Shrew. She tough me how important it is to look at the role/part itself. What it should be like, what it should say, and how it should be done. Because no role is like the other. One should see her walk as Pertruccio. Amazing. Or see how she looks at the cover of Tatiana’s book as Onegin. She has a gift to convey the essence of a part. And that is what is the most important. The essence. Then it is up to the dancer to make it his own. Within the frame of the choreography. She also told me I shouldn’t try to dance for instance Pertruccio like Richard Cragun. First of all cause I can’t, but also because I am a totally different dancer, and person. Every dancers has to dance a role different. I am also trying to tell that to ‘my’ Äffi guys now. I have to tell myself too sometimes, let them do it their way. And that’s how the piece starts living for them. And for me. And that’s beautiful to see and be a part of.

Dance4life collects €423.000 for their battle against AIDS/HIV

Dance4life's Funky Fundraiser 2015 inloop

Pom Zwart, Doutzen Kroes en Marijn Rademaker

dance4life’s funky fundraiser, die op 26 juli 2015 plaatsvond in Amsterdam, heeft ruim vier ton opgeleverd. De opbrengst van het diner en de veiling komt ten goede aan de voorlichtingsprojecten van dance4life. Marijn Rademaker, eerste solist bij Het Nationale Ballet, werd op de rode loper als nieuwe ambassadeur verwelkomd door mede-ambassadeur Doutzen Kroes. 

Verschillende kunstenaars en bekende Nederlanders ontwierpen speciaal voor dance4life een Mister Chi-scooter. Tijdens een diner voor 500 prominenten werden de scooters van Bas Kosters, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Doutzen Kroes, Hardwell, Jan Taminiau en Selwyn Senatori geveild. Naast de scooters werden verschillende once-in-a-lifetime experiences en never-for-sale items geveild: van een dag op Circuit Zandvoort met Max Verstappen en een unieke overnachting in de A’DAM Toren, tot een privéfeest met Girls Love DJ’s in de Amsterdamse ABE Club & Lounge en meerijden in de Tour de France met Alberto Contador. Dit resulteerde in een totaalbedrag van 423.000 euro voor het goede doel.

Marijn Rademaker new ambassador dance4life

Het Nationale Ballet, Xander de Buisonjé en Doutzen Kroes slaan handen ineen tijdens dance4life’s funky fundraiser

Eerste solist Het Nationale Ballet ambassadeur dance4life

Amsterdam, 26 juni 2015 – Marijn Rademaker, eerste solist bij Het Nationale Ballet, is met ingang van vandaag ambassadeur van dance4life. Dat maakt de organisatie bekend op de dag voorafgaand aan dance4life’s funky fundraiser. Tijdens deze fundraise-avond van dance4life die morgenavond plaatsvindt in de Kromhouthal in Amsterdam worden uiteenlopende items geveild voor het goede doel.

rl-dancee29db9life-banner1Marijn Rademaker kijkt er naar uit om als ambassadeur van dance4life aan de slag te gaan: “Als balletdanser zie ik wat dans los kan maken in mensen. Daarom geloof ik ook zo in de aanpak van dance4life. Met muziek en dans kun je mensen meenemen in je verhaal en een belangrijke boodschap overbrengen. Ik vind het dan ook te gek dat ik dat vandaag als ambassadeur mag gaan doen op het podium van dance4life’s funky fundraiser!”

Vanaf begin 2015 is Marijn Rademaker eerste solist bij Het Nationale Ballet. Marijn Rademaker, voorheen eerste solist bij het Duitse Stuttgarter Ballett, wordt beschouwd als de beste Nederlandse balletdanser ter wereld van dit moment. Marijn danste hoofdrollen in vrijwel alle grote klassiek-romantische balletten en werkte samen met een groot aantal choreografen. Als ambassadeur van dance4life bevindt Marijn Rademaker zich in het gezelschap van mede-ambassadeurs als Doutzen Kroes en Hardwell.

Onvergetelijke show

Met optredens van onder andere DI-RECT, Krystl, Cesar Zuiderwijk, Vincent Bijlo en Het Nationale Ballet worden de aanwezigen voorafgaand aan de veiling getrakteerd op een onvergetelijke show. De presentatie van de avond is in handen van Xander de Buisonjé. Aansluitend wordtdoorgefeest met dj’s Jay Hardway, Kill The Buzz, Mightyfools, Wildstylez en een nog geheime headliner.